Manage all your buildings and meters in one place.

Instant access.

View demand:
Instantaneous power vs. historic peek demand.

Predict power consumption based on history and weather.

Energy usage per square foot.

Verify your BMS.

Visually identify hot or cold spots, building start and shut down time. Verify your BMS is operating correctly and hasn’t been circumvented through a one-off maintenance operation.

Environmental Reporting.

Find outliers fast.

Bill your tenants for overtime energy usage outside of normal schedules.

Cohesive and accurate manual maintenance rounds.

Put a sticker next to your meter. Technicians read the barcode with the phone app.
Fill the value in the app of the meter reading and it is now available in the cloud.
Analytics checks the value is within range, and you instantly have cohesive reporting.

Operations at a glance- Chiller Plant.

Monitor Demand.

Monitor Power Quality.

Auto Generated PDF reports.

Custom Reports.