Performance sharing is a fresh take on shared programs that eliminates many of the restrictions and overcomes the challenges of traditional shared plans.  Our AMP program is designed to allow customers to begin saving immediately with no risk, no upfront capital and revenue grade Measurement and Verification (M&V) via the most detailed HVAC analysis in the industry.  

  1. Savings begins immediately with no need to wait until the capital outlay is recovered.
  2. The program is guaranteed and insured to offset any risk to the customer.
  3. Our M&V is conducted by the most detailed and real time hardware and software in the industry.  The savings is isolated to the equipment selected and can be run as a stand alone program or in conjunction with other energy savings initiatives like lighting, controls, solar or other energy programs.

The AMP program uses our IoT optimization platform, NMR nanotechnology for internal and external coil optimization, ongoing fault detection and M&V.  Our engineers and intelligent software will identify efficiency issues, optimize the systems, alert us when issues arise that affect efficiency and measure and verify all of the benefits.  We perform and you begin saving.  

Find out how our customers are enhancing their bottom line profit with no risks.