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Who is Aeris?2021-03-10T15:40:25+00:00

Novopharm, a world-renowned research laboratory and its marketing company, Aeris Environmental Ltd. have been supplying medical-grade sanitizers, disinfectants and HVAC anti-microbial applications to the largest pharmaceutical companies since 1987 (J&J, 3M and Ecolab, et al.). Powertron Global of Austin, Texas is the Master Distributor of Aeris Products in North America.

What is the Aeris COVID Defense System (CDS)?2021-03-10T15:41:06+00:00

The CDS product line are anti-microbial and virucidal applications for ventilation systems and CDC Guideline high touch, non-porous surfaces. Soon, porous surface and bio-friendly treatments will also be available.

The following products are included in the CDS:

Aeris Active Surface Treatment – all non-porous surfaces (60 second virus kill time)
Aeris Guard Bioactive Filter Treatment (4-minute virus kill time)
Aeris Guard Bioactive Surface (HVAC) Treatment (4-minute virus kill time)

What makes CDS products different, special?2021-04-20T01:14:03+00:00

Aeris invented a polymer technology that allows disinfectant to be suspended in a perpetual “wet state”. In a wet state disinfectants kill 99.9% of all microbials continuously over a long period of time. Aeris’ disinfectant formulation has also met the requirements of the USEPA and other government regulators across the world as effective against coronavirus and other viruses as well. CDS products have been approved for sale in 50 countries.

No other products have been granted virucidal “residual benefit” claims by regulators. Meaning, these are the only products approved as being effective against the coronavirus after initial application.

Aeris BioGuard Filter Treatment has been approved by the EPA. What does it do? How does it work?2021-03-10T15:42:11+00:00

Aeris BioGuard Filter Treatment (EPA Registration ) is a spray application for any type or grade air filter, be it HVAC, a school wall Ventilation Unit, Transit or bus car ventilation system. It can be applied to any filter in seconds and will last for the life of the filter. In non-medical grade filters, after treatment more virus will be captured and all virus and microbes will be killed in less than 4 minutes. The Aeris polymer technology consistently draws humidity out of the surrounding and filtered air keeping the suspended disinfected in a continuous wet state.

How does Aeris Bioactive Filter Treatment work?2021-03-10T01:39:03+00:00
  • a fine spray applied to an air filter of any type or grade, leaves a 1-micron polymer coating that sets within seconds
  • the polymer contains a suspended hydrogen peroxide disinfectant that actively kills 99.99% of all biologics including viruses for 3 months
  • airborne pathogens contact the filter medium and are rendered harmless within 5 minutes

What makes Aeris Guard Bioactive Filter Treatment the only EPA-registered product of its kind?2021-03-10T14:30:10+00:00
  • indoor, airborne virus transmission is the top concern of facility operators
  • no EPA product has ever suspended disinfectant on a filter to clean circulated air
  • other HVAC options are either unworkable, inadequate, too expensive, or unavailable
  • Aeris filter spray has been described by school, theater, and property managers as a “silver bullet” … eliminates COVID + flu viruses, takes seconds to apply, costs less than approximately $1 per filter, lasts for 3 months   
  • effective on air filters of all grades and types from medical grade – window units

How do the Filter and Duct products eliminate airborne Coronavirus?2021-03-10T01:40:02+00:00

Both products use a proprietary polymer that extends continuing disinfection to the surface of the filter material and HVAC ducts. Particles that get through a filter have contacted fibers coated with disinfectant and are killed. Viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew are also killed within 4 minutes of contact. Colonizing microbes that could clog filters and restrict airflow are prevented from ever growing. These products are tailored to work with the different surface materials and filter mediums.

How Filter Treatment compare to HEPA filters and MERV-13 filters?2021-03-10T01:40:12+00:00

Higher levels of filtration provided by HEPA and MERV-13 filters are expensive and can be problematic for many HVAC systems. The reduction in airflow caused by these filters can keep the unit from working correctly, freeze-up the evaporator coils, and a substantial increase in energy consumption. While they do catch more viral particles than an untreated standard filter, they do not actively kill viruses or biologics.  A standard pleated filter that has been treated with the Aeris filter treatment actively kills viruses on contact with the disinfectant layer on the fibers. There are no side effects or airflow issues.   

Can you use the Filter Treatment on dirty filters?2021-03-10T01:40:38+00:00

Aeris Guard Bioactive Filter Treatment must be applied to the actual filter media surfaces to become effective. New filters are recommended for treatment, however, filters that have not been fouled with a coating of dust may be treated. The goal is to coat all of the filter media for maximum performance and total protection.

How long does the filter treatment last?2021-03-10T01:40:48+00:00

The product will last for the useful life of the filter or 12 months if not being used to actively filter air, i.e., the filter was treated in January and the system was not used until June. The product will be effective for the remaining life of the filter.

How does the filter treatment kill viruses?2021-03-10T01:41:01+00:00

Even though viral cells are ~ 0.1 microns in size, they still contact the disinfectant on the treated fibers as they are suspended or pass through the filter media. 

Does treating the air filters cause any restrictions or airflow issues?2021-03-10T01:41:15+00:00

No. The micro coating tends to increase airflow while suspending and killing viruses, spores, fungi, and bacteria as it contacts the treated fibers.

How is the Bioactive Filter Treatment applied?2021-03-22T19:46:55+00:00

For filters rated BELOW MERV 13, apply one full pass/coating to the air intake side (front) and two passes/coating to back of the filter. For filters rated MERV 13 or ABOVE, apply one pass/coating to the air intake or front side of filter media ONLY

Is Aeris Guard Bioactive Filter Treatment safe to handle?2021-03-10T01:38:56+00:00

Aeris Guard Bioactive Treatment is absolutely safe to handle. The Material Safety Data Sheets are available for download here. It is recommended that air filters be sprayed before deployment.

Gloves and protective eye gear should be worn. Around the world Aeris products are known for being environmentally friendly.

Does Aeris Bioactive Filter Treatment affect a filter’s performance or useful life?2021-03-10T01:38:29+00:00

Treated filters experience no air flow restriction. To the contrary, air flow is preserved over time as biologics are stopped from colonizing on its surface.

Treatment has no effect on a filter’s useful life

How many filters can be treated per gallon?2021-03-10T01:38:17+00:00

A gallon of AerisGuard Bioactive Filter Treatment can treat approximately 100-200 air filters depending on the size of your filters.

Is there scientific proof of these claims?2021-03-10T14:33:09+00:00
  • Yes. First, under US EPA guidelines Aeris Guard Bioactive Filter Treatment had to definitively prove its efficacy in killing COVID and other viruses by passing ASTM E1053 at an agency-sanctioned laboratory testing facility.
  • Second, Aeris Guard Bioactive Filter Treatment has met similar standards and been approved for public use in many countries around the world.

Can CDS HVAC virus-killing technology help schools that cannot open windows for fresh air circulation? What about after cooling season?2021-03-10T01:42:06+00:00

Yes. The Aeris Guard Bioactive filter treatment can be applied to any HVAC system within minutes by school custodial staff. Even window unit filters can be treated. No special training is required. The cost of treating a standard 2 ply filter is 50% less than replacement with MERV 13 or HEPA filter. Viruses are killed rather than screened out of recirculated air. CDS eliminates 99.9% of all viruses – including Coronavirus and flu virus – as well as other biologics. 

After cooling season schools can run HVAC on fan mode and continue to protect recirculated air from virus recontamination!

Why does the product label not list viruses for residual protection?2021-03-10T01:42:17+00:00

The product was registered prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. Viruses were not part of the claim set in the original registration.  The product was registered for residual protection for bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus etc.  Aeris Environmental Ltd used an accredited 3rd party to test the product for killing Coronavirus under ASTM standards. It passed. The EPA has certified that the polymer provides a residual benefit and now the product is on List N for killing Coronavirus. There are no other tests offered by the EPA for filters.

Can the product still continue to work if it was treated when new but now has substantial dirt accumulation?2021-03-10T01:42:28+00:00

Yes. The residual protection for bacteria and mold is on the fibers of the filter material preventing colonization.  Even if viral particles make it though the dirt layer, they still must pass through the filter material where they will contact the treated fibers.

Can CDS be use in hospitals and other medical settings, e.g., senior care facilities?2021-03-10T01:42:36+00:00

Yes, they have been approved by the EPA for medical facility use. The Aeris Active Surface Treatment (non-porous, high-touch surfaces USA EPA Pending), the Bioactive Filter Treatment (HVAC filter medium spray) and the Bioactive Surface Treatment (HVAC duct spray) are all rated as hospital grade disinfectants.

What are the coverage areas of the CDS products?2021-03-10T01:42:45+00:00
  • One gallon of Aeris Active Surface Treatment (high-touch, non-porous surfaces) can cover 650 – 5,000 square feet, depending on the sprayer used for application. Standard mist hand sprayers can cover 650 square feet.  Constant pressure fine mist sprayers can cover up to 2,000 square feet, and electrostatic sprayers can cover up to 5,000 square feet. The product can be hand wiped as well as misted/fogged and allowed to dry.
  • The Bioactive Filter Treatment (HVAC filter spray) can cover 25 standard sized air filters and up-to 40 air filters with a constant pressure fine mist sprayer.
  • The Bioactive Surface Treatment (HVAC duct application) can cover 650 square feet up-to 2,500 square feet with a constant pressure fine mist sprayer.

Is special training required to apply CDS products?2021-03-10T01:42:56+00:00

No. Both CDS products can be applied by untrained staff. The surface product can be sprayed as a fine mist, or applied by hand in traditional fashion. The HVAC filter product must be applied by spray. However, constant pressure and electrostatic sprayers do not require any special training to operate.

Can Aeris Active be used on the air filters and/or duct and coil surfaces?2021-03-10T01:41:44+00:00

Aeris Guard Bioactive Filter Treatment utilizes a slightly different disinfectant type versus Aeris Active surface products. These products are specifically formulated for porous surfaces (like materials used in the manufacturing of HVAC air filter medias and frame constructed filters) and institutes a 4 minute kill time for viruses. The Aeris Guard Bioactive surface treatment formula incorporates polymers along with acute disinfectants that function best on these types of surfaces. In addition, The HVAC Bioactive Surface Treatment can be used on all metal items and surfaces contained within the HVAC equipment areas such as ducts, metal surfaces, dampers, grills, diffusers and fan blades benefit from this formulation.

What happens if the Aeris Active product is over applied to a surface?2021-03-10T01:48:08+00:00

If the product is not wiped on for a smooth coat, or sprayed with a fine mist, dried product may be visible or felt on a surface.  It is important to remember that this new technology is viable due to a residual coating opposed to completely evaporating like a “One-Time” kill of traditional disinfectants.  Here are the steps to remedy an area that was over applied after the product has dried on the surface:

  1. Re-spray the area with a small amount of Aeris Active and wipe/spread with a soft cloth.  This will re-saturate the original product and allow it to be spread into a thin coat and excess will be wiped away or;
  2. Use warm water with a soft cloth or sponge to remove any excess product.  If necessary, the area can be re-treated with an appropriate thin coat.

What happens if Aeris Active is over sprayed onto glass surfaces?2021-03-10T02:04:21+00:00

It is important to remember that Aeris Active is a cleaner as well as a disinfectant and residual coating.  Aeris Active will loosen any dirt, grease, or debris on surfaces that will be visible especially on clear surfaces like glass. 

  1. If used as cleaning product on glass, wet product can be wiped with a clean soft cloth allowing a clear invisible coating.
  2. In the event of over spraying onto glass, the wet product can be wiped with a dry, clean soft cloth or wiped with warm water then wiped again with a dry, clean soft cloth to leave a clear surface.
Are the products available in long-term supply to meet ongoing demand?2021-03-10T02:04:14+00:00

Powertron Global and Aeris Environmental have strong supply chain relationships and are planning for substantial growth based on tremendous demand. 

Are quantity discounts given?2021-03-10T02:04:06+00:00

Subscriptions have substantial discounts built into the program. We also offer discounts when purchasing in 55 gallon drums and 325 gallon totes.

Will there be assistance available for calculation of quantities needed for application in various environments?2021-03-10T02:03:57+00:00

We use are using the CDC guidelines for high touch surfaces based on categories and types of buildings.  Our representatives will help to recommend quantities needed for each type of facility to assure the proper amounts are ordered to meet your needs.

Some of the electric sprayers are very expensive, especially the Electrostatic sprayers. Are they worth the extra cost?2021-03-10T02:03:48+00:00

If you have a need to spray large areas efficiently such as public transportation, gyms, locker rooms etc., then both types of sprayers more than justify the cost in terms of product and labor expense. 

Here are two examples: 

  1. Product Cost- Usage of sprayers where applicable, allows efficient use of product and an increase in coverage in gallons per square foot from 650 to 5000.  Assuming a $50 price per gallon, the cost of the sprayer will be recovered in the first 50 gallons of product used.
  2. Labor – Even though sprayers require time for the area to be prepped for spraying, the labor time is reduced 50-70% compared to applying large areas by hand. The labor savings for applications like schools and public transport, can recover the cost of a sprayer in ~200 hours of labor cost.
In what size containers are the products sold?2021-03-10T01:58:17+00:00

The products will initially be sold in:

  1. 325 gallon totes
  2. 55 gallon drums
  3. 5 gallon pales; and
  4. One gallons jugs

Smaller volumes will be available in the near future depending on the product.

Restaurant: Quick Serve2021-03-10T02:03:37+00:00
Restaurant Type: AreaSq. Ft.
Quick Servea. Entrance doors and handles.12
b. Counters and registers.60
c. Dining tables, chairs, and booths.228
d. Bathroom doors, handles, stalls, sinks, faucets, soap & towel dispensers.194
e. Rear door, handle, and dumpster handles.8
f. Office area.14
g. Child play areas.400
Aeris Active1.5 Gallons

Restaurant: Full Service2021-03-10T02:03:28+00:00
Restaurant Type: AreaSq. Ft.
Full Servicea. Entrance doors and handles.24
b. Waiting area.68
c. Counters and registers.27
d. Bar top, chairs, and tables.108
e. Dining tables, chairs, and booths.540
f. Bathroom doors, handles, stalls, sinks, faucets, soap & towel dispensers.420
g. Rear door, handle, and dumpster handles.16
h. Office area.24
Total1,227 Sq. Ft.
Aeris Active2 Gallons
Retail: Small Box2021-03-10T02:03:18+00:00
Retail Type: AreaSq. Ft.
Small Boxa. Entrance doors and handles.12
b. Vestibule doors and handles.12
c. Counters and registers.45
d. Dressing room doors and rooms.30
e. Bathroom doors, handles, stalls, sinks, faucets, soap & towel dispensers.210
f. Rear entrance doors and handles.6
g. Trash compactor and/or dumpster control panel and/or handles.10
h. Office areas.24
i. Employee break-room.120
Total469 Sq. Ft.
Aeris Active1 Gallon

Retail: Big Box2021-03-10T02:03:09+00:00
Retail Type: AreaSq. Ft.
Big Boxa. Entrance doors and handles.24
b. Vestibule doors and handles.24
c. Counters and registers.90
d. Dressing room doors and rooms.60
e. Bathroom door handles, stalls, sinks, faucets, soap & towel dispensers.420
f. Rear entrance doors and handles.12
g. Trash compactor and/or dumpster control panel and/or handles.10
h. Office areas.48
i. Employee break-room.400
Total1,088 Sq. Ft.
Aeris Active2 Gallons
Movie Theater2021-03-10T02:02:58+00:00

Theater Type: AreaSq. Ft.
Moviea. Entrance doors and handles.48
b. Vestibule doors and handles.48
c. Ticket Kiosks.48
d. Counters and registers.200
e. Theater entrance doors and handles.240
f. Theater seats, arm rests, and railings.3,000
g. Bathroom doors, handles, stalls, sinks, faucets, soap & towel dispensers.1,050
h. Rear entrance doors and handles.24
i. Trash compactor and/or dumpster control panel and/or handles.40
j. Office areas.200
k. Employee break-room.200
Total5,098 Sq. Ft.
Aeris Active8 Gallons
Hotel: Flagship2021-03-10T02:02:50+00:00
Hotel Type: AreaSq. Ft.
Flagshipa. Entrance doors and handles.36
b. Vestibule doors and handles.36
c. Front desk area.160
d. Lobby Area.900
e. Bar area.500
f. Breakfast area.1,000
g. Bathroom doors, handles, stalls, sinks, faucets, soap & towel dispensers.800
h. Elevator.480
i. Guest rooms (480 Rooms)11,520
j. Gym.1,500
k. Pool area and chairs.1,800
l. Entrance doors and handles.120
m. Trash compactor and/or dumpster control panel and/or handles.60
n. Office areas.1,600
o. Employee break-room.1,000
Total21,512 Sq. Ft.
Aeris Active33 Gallons
Hotel: Luxury2021-03-10T02:02:36+00:00

Hotel Type: AreaSq. Ft.
Luxurya. Entrance doors and handles.18
b. Vestibule doors and handles.18
c. Front desk area.80
d. Lobby area.600
e. Bar area.300
f. Breakfast area.800
g. Bathroom doors, handles, stalls, sinks, faucets, soap & towel dispensers.460
h. Elevator.240
i. Guest rooms (360 Rooms)8,640
j. Gym.800
k. Pool area and chairs.1,200
l. Entrance doors and handles.80
m. Trash compactor and/or dumpster control panel and/or handles.48
n. Office areas.1,000
o. Employee break-room.600
Total14,884 Sq. Ft.
Aeris Active23 Gallons
Hotel: Mid-Range2021-03-10T02:02:28+00:00
Hotel Type: AreaSq. Ft.
Mid-Rangea. Entrance doors and handles.12
b. Vestibule doors and handles.12
c. Front desk area.42
d. Lobby Area.360
e. Breakfast area.500
f. Bathroom doors, handles, stalls, sinks, faucets, soap & towel dispensers.280
g. Elevator.120
h. Guest rooms (150 Rooms)3,600
i. Gym.400
j. Pool area and chairs.800
k. Entrance doors and handles.42
l. Trash compactor and/or dumpster control panel and/or handles.24
m. Office areas.400
n. Employee breakroom.200
Total6,692 Sq. Ft.
Aeris Active10 Gallons
Hotel: Budget2021-03-10T02:02:21+00:00
Hotel Type: AreaSq. Ft.
Budgeta. Entrance doors and handles.12
b. Vestibule doors and handles.12
c. Front desk area.30
d. Lobby Area.150
e. Breakfast area.240
f. Bathroom doors, handles, stalls, sinks, faucets, soap & towel dispensers.194
g. Elevator.24
h. Guest rooms (120 Room)2,880
i. Gym.400
j. Pool area and chairs.600
k. Entrance doors and handles.30
l. Trash compactor and/or dumpster control panel and/or handles.18
m. Office areas.300
n. Employee break-room.150
Total5,040 Sq. Ft.
Aeris Active8 Gallons
Convenience Store: Large2021-03-10T02:02:13+00:00
Convenience Store Type:AreaSq. Ft.
Largea. Entrance doors and handles.48
b. Counters and registers.84
c. Cooler and freezer doors and handles.144
d. Bathroom doors, handles, stalls, sinks, faucets, soap & towel dispensers.260
e. Gas pumps and handles.576
f. Rear door, handle, and dumpster handles.22
g. Office area.200
Total1,334 Sq. Ft.
Aeris Active2 Gallons
Convenience Store: Standard2021-03-10T02:02:05+00:00
Convenience Store Type: AreaSq. Ft.
Standarda. Entrance doors and handles.24
b. Counters and registers.42
c. Cooler and freezer doors and handles.72
d. Bathroom doors, handles, stalls, sinks, faucets, soap & towel dispensers.128
e. Gas pumps and handles.288
f. Rear door, handle, and dumpster handles.16
g. Office area64
Total634 Sq. Ft.
Aeris Active1 Gallon
What is Aeris Active?2021-03-10T02:06:49+00:00

Aeris Active is a liquid broad-spectrum viral disinfectant / surface cleaner. It is formulated for use on non-porous, high touch surfaces for the purpose of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting on initial application. Aeris Active has the power to kill 99.9% of Viruses, most importantly the SARS Cov2 virus along with the ability to provide contact kill to a variety of additional biologics within 60 seconds. The duration of this contact kill is 200 direct human touches or a duration of seven (7) calendar days. Aeris Active employs a proprietary polymer that extends beyond the initial wet kill application. This ability assures that after the product dries on the surface, the complete affects remain active.

How are CDS products applied?2021-03-10T01:58:34+00:00

It is important to understand that the product should be applied with a thin coating, being spread with a cloth or sprayed with a fine mist.  Over spraying is not required for effectiveness and may be visible after drying.  Proper application will leave an invisible smooth coating.

  1. Hand Applied – Aeris Active can be applied in traditional fashion with a hand operated spray bottle and then spread with a soft cloth, or first spraying a cloth and then applying to the surface.  Gloves should be worn when applying or wiping with a cloth. These methods are great for treatments of high touch areas like counters, hand rails, desks, tables, sinks, door knobs, chair armrests, conference tables, elevator buttons, point of sale etc. Application by hand will ensure a thin coating with no drips that may be visible when over applying. 
  2. Electric/Electrostatic Sprayer – Larger areas such as locker rooms, large bathrooms, bleachers, gyms and mass transit are best applied by constant pressure pump sprayers or electrostatic sprayers. These type sprayers cover a much larger area with a fine mist that does not drip.  Coverage rates for these sprayers are up to 5000 sq.ft/gallon.  Electrostatic sprayers ($200-$2500) work by charging the liquid disinfectant as it passes through the sprayer nozzle.  They come as either plug in or battery operated models and in many different sizes for medium to very large areas. They generate charged droplets that repel one another and actively seek out surfaces, to adhere with an even coating to all sides. While these are very efficient and great for large surfaces, there is substantial over spray that will emit aerosolized product in the room. Proper ventilation and masks are required and spraying should be applied outside of business hours with no other unmasked people in the room. Constant pressure electric sprayers ($75-250) are better for smaller areas like bathroom sinks, stalls, toilets, lockers etc. and require no wiping if applied in a fine mist with no dripping. Product drying time is also affected by the use of different types of sprayers. Hand operated sprayers may take up to 5 minutes or more to dry, while electrostatic application provides a quicker drying time and increases total coverage areas per gallon of product. In the event that an area is treated with an excess amount of product on any surface, can be removed by wiping with warm water.
Can CDS products be sprayed on porous surfaces, e.g., fabrics, paper, nylon, leather?2021-03-10T02:06:24+00:00

CDS products are only recommended for hard, non-porous surfaces.

Can I buy CDS directly from Aeris Environmental in Australia?2021-03-10T01:57:13+00:00

All Aeris products sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico are only available for purchase directly from Powertron Global or one of our distributors.  We are licensed to sell outside of the US market and one of our staff members will assist companies seeking products for their usage in other countries where product is available.

Can CDS products be diluted?2021-03-10T02:06:10+00:00

The products are water soluble but they are not dilutable. Products have been added to the EPA List N as “Ready-to-Use”.

Is Aeris Active hazardous to use?2021-03-10T02:06:02+00:00

Aeris Active products are classified similarly to household cleaning products. These products are not to be ingested or be allowed to enter the eyes or nostrils and should be handled with hand and skin contact precautions such as the use of waterproof gloves. If Aeris Active comes in contact with these areas of the body or the skin experiences prolonged contact, follow the safety instructions that are supplied within the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), which are available for the full line of Aeris products. Upon request, these documents will be furnished with each order or can be obtained from the SDS section of the Powertron Global website, listed under product safety and handling instructions.

Can Aeris Active be used to disinfect my hands? Is the product safe to use around food preparation areas?2021-03-10T02:05:52+00:00

The products are not to be used on skin or food. They cannot be ingested. However, Aeris Active is safe for use in food preparation areas. If used on a food prep area as a disinfectant, the treated area should be rinsed with water after Aeris Active has dried and prior to food preparation. Food is not to be consumed if it has contacted Aeris Active while the product is in a liquid state or if a treated food prep surface has not been rinsed with water after an Aeris Active application.

Can I clean a surface after it has been treated with Aeris Active?2021-03-10T02:05:45+00:00

Yes. The product is a cleaner, initial disinfectant and long-lasting disinfectant all in one. A treated surface can be cleaned without affecting the long-lasting microbial protection.

Can I use Aeris Active on masks, shields, or other types of PPE ?2021-03-10T02:05:38+00:00

The products are not recommended for porous surfaces or to he inhaled. The external surface of a shield can be sprayed, wiped, and allowed to dry before rinsing with water, prior to re-using.

What are the main/active ingredients in Aeris Active?2021-03-10T02:05:30+00:00

The main ingredients are a proprietary polymer and a hospital grade hydrogen peroxide killing agent.

Where are the Aeris products made?2021-03-10T01:55:37+00:00

All products sold in the US and Canada are made in the USA.

Are the patents for the products valid/enforceable in the USA?2021-03-10T02:05:06+00:00

Yes. They are international patents.

What does it mean to have an “Approved Kill Claim”?2021-03-10T01:56:13+00:00

It means that the product has been tested and proven to kill the biologicals (including Viruses) by an accredited authority under international standard protocols.

Will the polymer in the product clog the nozzles of sprayers?2021-03-10T02:04:52+00:00

The products are water soluble.  While we have not had any issues with dried product clogging sprayers, warm water will aid in the clean up of sprayers and nozzle tips.

When can I expect to see your products available to purchase?2021-03-10T02:04:44+00:00

The EPA Registered products are available now and the others under EPA application will be available after the EPA process is successful.

How are you prioritizing where to restock? Have you started allocations for your partners and key customers?2021-03-10T01:56:41+00:00

All long-term contract orders will be filled first, and then, bulk orders will be filled.

Where can I buy your products?2021-03-10T01:57:04+00:00

You can buy the products for commercial applications directly from Powertron Global.  In the near future, consumer versions should be available to be purchased at large retailers Nationwide.

Are the products safe to use on animals?2021-03-10T01:57:38+00:00

No. The products are not recommended to be used on animals or in food or water supplies that will be consumed by animals. 

What size containers are available? How much does it cost?2021-03-10T02:01:41+00:00

The product comes in gallon containers and 12 oz spray cans. A gallon costs $139.

How is it ordered?2021-03-10T02:01:35+00:00

4 gallons or 8 sixteen-ounce spray cans to a box
No volume discounts
Full payment required on order
Allow 10 days for delivery

What makes Aeris Active Surface Treatment unique?2021-03-10T02:01:23+00:00
  • daily disinfection is a major cost for premise operators
  • EPA List N disinfectants are in short supply
  • is less expensive than some other Ready-to-Use List N disinfectants 
  • a once a week treatment that provides better protection generates enormous labor cost savings over all regular disinfectants   
How does Aeris Active Surface Treatment work?2021-03-10T02:01:12+00:00
  • Aeris technology provides continuous, active killing of 99.99% of all pathogens including viruses
  • an invisible polymer is applied to treated surfaces… hydrogen peroxide disinfectant is suspended within the polymer… any COVID or flu virus droplet contacting that surface will be rendered harmless within 60 seconds
Is Aeris Active Surface Treatment safe to handle?2021-03-10T02:00:44+00:00

product safe to handle?

  • Aeris Active Surface Treatment is safe to handle but protective gloves, googles and PPE breathing equipment is recommended when using an electrostatic sprayer. Gloves and protective eye gear are recommended when hand wiping or spraying. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for download here. The core ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, so the only gaseous byproduct is pure oxygen.
  • Around the world Aeris products are known for being environmentally friendly.

How is Aeris Active Surface Treatment applied?2021-03-10T02:00:35+00:00
  • Aeris Active surface treatment can be applied in a variety of ways – electrostatic sprayer, hand wipe or hand spray
  • Since it is a cleaner and disinfectant, it is a one step process saving product and labor cost. In addition, touchup cleaning is also a way to extend protection
  • Using an electrostatic sprayer, a gallon of product can cover up to 5,000 square feet
  • All that is necessary is a fine mist application. Aeris Active dries within 5-10 minutes and after 1 hour there is not even any tackiness to the touch
  • Aeris Active leaves an invisible coating, it can only be seen if over-applied. Excess product drips can simply be removed using warm water
  • In high traffic areas, it is best to apply Aeris Active to all non-porous surfaces once a week and repeat on high touch surfaces, as necessary. Touch-up protection is required wherever a surface has been touched 200 times or more
What size containers are available for AerisGuard Bioactive Surface Treatment? How much does it cost?2021-03-10T01:58:04+00:00
  • The product comes in gallon containers (four to a box), 55-gallon drums and 325-gallon industrial totes.
  • Full payment is required on orders of less than 2,300 gallons. Payment terms are available for larger purchases
  • Allow 10 days for delivery

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