Aeris Air Filter Treatment Proves Effective Against COVID-19

March 10, 2021 (Austin, Texas)
AerisGuard Bioactive Air Filter Treatment (EPA Registration Number 58532-2) has proved effective against SARS-CoV-2 meeting EPA recommended testing standard ASTM E1053. The spray application coats HVAC air filters with a clear polymer that suspends disinfectant in a wet state. This permits the disinfectant to continue to kill coronavirus and 99.9% of microbials in less than 4 minutes for months. This product has also met anti-microbial, virucidal, long-lasting International standards across the world. Another Aeris product designed for high touch surfaces applies similar polymer technology to kill coronavirus in less than 60 seconds and continuously protect against transmission for 7 days. It is expected to receive EPA approval shortly.

AerisGuard Bioactive Filter Treatment Improves Filtration and provides Anti-Microbial Protection (EPA Registration Number 58532-2)
The Filter Treatment is applied to any air filter within seconds at a fraction of the cost of upgrading filter. The effective filtration rate of non-medical grade filters is materially increased without affecting air flow. As a result, a greater amount of coronavirus is captured and killed in less than 4 minutes. A single application protects for the life of the filter, typically 3 months. A companion Aeris HVAC coating product makes other ventilation surfaces, vents, grills, ducts, etc., anti-microbial, and antiviral as well.

MERV-13+ Air Filters Made Anti-Microbial while Maintaining Full Filtration Efficiency
On the recommendation of the lead aerosol scientist at the CDC and Filtration experts at ASHRAE, AerisGuard Bioactive Filter Treatment was tested on MERV-13 and 14 filters at LMS Technologies Laboratory of Bloomington, Minnesota. Test Reports show no negative effect on airflow and it did not impact the electrostatic charge, which is a key component of maintaining the high rate of filtration. As a result, these filters can be treated and become anti-microbial, even while maintaining their high rate of filtration. The fundamental purpose of medical grade filtration is to stop particles the size of microbes from escaping a filter‘s media. When microorganisms collect in a filter, they colonize. Bacteria and fungi can be the hosts for coronavirus. AerisGuard Bioactive Filter Treatment eliminates 99.9% of these colonizing microbes within 4 minutes and keeps them from colonizing for the useful life of the filter. Eliminating the source of viral reproduction is as important as killing the individual viral cells.

Aeris Active (EPA Registration pending)
Aeris Active is a cleaner, sanitizer, long-lasting disinfectant in one product for interior surfaces. Non-porous, high-touch surfaces can be disinfected once a week and provide continuous protection from COVID-19 transmission. Spray or wipe on any hard surface a polymer protective layer kills 99.9% of microbes (including coronavirus) in less than 60 seconds of contact. Surfaces are continuously protected from recontamination after treatment. The product comes ready-to-use and is priced comparably to single kill disinfectants on EPA List N. Aeris Active is approved in 46 other countries. EPA action on emergency use authorization is anticipated shortly. Aeris Active would be the first long-lasting disinfectant ever approved for sale in the U.S. market.

Return to Normalcy
Aeris’ COVID Defense System products are the first to be granted “residual benefit” label claims against the COVID-19 virus by regulators around the world. Only EPA-approved claims of efficacy against the coronavirus can be legally advertised in the U.S. Alerting employees, customers, constituents to effective, continuously working virus safeguards is the best way to rebuild public confidence in a return to normalcy. Continuous disinfection will be the new Standard of Care for all premises.

Aeris’ COVID Defense System products are made in the USA. Power Global of Austin, Texas is the Master Distributor of Aeris Products in North America.