PermaFrost NMR® is the only industry proven nanotechnology that permanently increases COP, SEER and Enthalpy while reducing the kW/ton.

Great Sustainability Products from Powertron Global®

Our patented PermaFrost NMR® products are installed in thousands of locations worldwide. Our track record of innovation and success help our customers lead the world in sustainability. Powertron Global’s products are scientifically proven, have long term customer-history and are verified by third parties.

Our PermaFrost NMR® product line is the world’s leading Energy Conservation Measure (ECM).

PermaFrost NMR® Products


PermaFrost NMR® is currently in use and saving energy in over 130,000+ installations worldwide.
  • Regain and prevent lost cooling capacity.
  • Reduce kWh consumption.
  • Extend the life of HVAC(R) equipment.
Laboratory and field verified. Safety. Performance. Long term results.
Payback is 24 months
or less.
Portfolio kWh reduction with PermaFrost NMR®
Increased equipment life from reduced HVAC runtime

*Results may vary depending on application.

Critical Systems Proven

Contact us and we will be happy to share our many customer successes. Our customers are referenceable, with successful long term (multi-year) results.

Restaurant Industry

Reducing restaurant utility costs all over the country.

Installed in the most known restaurants.

Greatly reduce the runtime on RTUs, WICs and WIFs thereby reducing restaurant utility costs.CONTACT US

Major Communications Co.

If you are using a phone you are probably already using PermaFrost NMR®.

Mission Critical Data and Switching Centers.

Mission Critical Data and Switching Centers create a lot of heat. PermaFrost NMR® reduces kWh consumption and lowers PUE. CONTACT US

Multi-National Banking

Your money might just be cooled by PermaFrost NMR® already.

In 30 Countries

We continuously meet the needs of the large enterprise. PermaFrost NMR® is installed in over 7000 locations including bank branches, office buildings and mission critical banking information centers.CONTACT US
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